The Centro Cultural Mexiquense Bicentenario

an Eliel Salinas Art Piece



70 x 50 cm

The artist Eliel Salinas A. Was presents his own art work piece called:Cromatic Acuatic.


The mermaid was  one of the more strangers dreams of the men. Today still bealive if that kind of live was only a bad dream: a beautiful woman who´s the midle of the sea as an angel

but, ¿do you remember that´s beautiful had a price?


 If you want love her, remember: you had to pay a price


The sea and the men could be had one of the most beautiful dreams of the tales  who anybody ; a price for the brave men...But still it be the prize unforgiven for that this reality only the fantasy was the salvation of the destiny; Or the end


  The water is a  life as  any directions as  the sea is the way to the braves men.


This beautiful work as been created by acrilic technic and have a beautiful history to tell us. In their composition we could be witness to the the kind sensual and expresive work that give us even that a present because this piece it´s the first one of a beautiful seríe´s


was present In the most importan cultural center of art and culture of the west of the Mexico City, in Texcoco. The Centro Cultural Mexiquense Bicentenario.





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